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Beach Merchant Services started when founder and CEO, Robert Kyle, was tired of not being able to offer his clients the products and service that he wanted to. His employment with a large ISO/Processor did allow him to learn the Payment industry but did not allow him to manage his own clients and had to rely on others to support his clients that he built a relationship with. So in 2011 he decided to start his own venture and form a true partnership with a major processor. This way he controls his clients accounts and is truely able to offer his clients the level of customer service they deserve.

Beach Merchant Services started as a partnership that did not last long, there was disagreements as to how to treat salesmen and clients. Robert and his partner split up and seperated their clients. Since then Robert has focused on supporting his current clients and growing the business. Robert's philosophy is to not just sign any business, but find business and business owners that want to form a partnership that will last till one of them closes their doors. Any processor can come in and sign clients, and then loose that client for a variety of reason shortly after signing. Robert's goal is to keep those clients by setting reasonable prices, excellant customer service and the ability to grow with the client.

Beach Merchant Services only offers products that are PCI/DSS compliant and will always strive to ensure that your business stays compliant by following all the rules set forth by Visa & MasterCard and the PCI/DSS council.
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Beach Merchant Services, Inc, is an ISO/MLS for multiple Payment Gateways and Aquiring Banks

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